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We've gathered our favourite cruises
for you, your family and friends!

We're flexible for a tailor-made cruise and you can choose exactly where you want to go by your own preferences. Otherwise, we've gather some of our greatest experiences that we recommend!

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Short Cruise

From 25.150 SEK incl. 6% VAT

Experience central Stockholm, and/or Vaxholm and the surroundings in the inner part of the Archipelago. Bring your friends and family and go sightseeing on a tour of the lovely views from the sea. The trip will last 3 hours and you will get a glimpse of what the Archipelago has to offer.

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Captain´s recommendation

From 40.800 SEK incl. 6% VAT

Get the most out of Stockholm’s archipelago in 5 hours.

We are departing from the Central parts of Stockholm and traveling around Värmdö - a magnificent, slow and historical cruise via Baggenstäket, the church of Ingarö and Kolström, followed by some faster speeds after passing the bridge that needs to open up for us at Strömma Kanal.

Enjoy the time onboard with some champagne and snacks or prolong the cruise for stops at some of the loveliest restaurants we pass along the way.

Optional is a “Captain’s BBQ” for 950 SEK per person.


Overnight Cruise

From 84.800 SEK incl. 6% VAT

Bring your closest family for a unique cruise and memorable experience. With over 30.000 islands in the Archipelago, we will be able to find our own secret place. Inhale the atmosphere and fresh air from the Baltic sea - the beauty of its nature will move and wow you!

This is the opportunity to get a total reset of both your mind and body. Start and end the day with an open water swim in the sun. Sit on a silky smooth rock and have your favorite drink after an astonishing dinner. Start the next day in the same manner with fresh coffee together with breakfast.

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